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"i am the present, but i know i, too, will pass."

so hvnt been here in a while cuz im waaay busy w work n other frivolous musings i.e. deciding btwn balenciaga, nightingale, marcie, rocco & daria, or settle for less w an mbmj (for now), or a pair of chanel flats or replace my varinas… luvin singlehood n spending all my hard earned money on myself. lalala im a happy beaver ^^

i love you. because it’s new year’s eve. because i don’t want 2012 to end without me having said it. because i mean it. because i’ve probably been in love with you all this while but i hate to admit it to myself. because, there, i said it, and i hope you feel the same way. because i can say tomorrow that it’s a new year and it will be an excuse to move on from this if you don’t. because i wish i get to kiss you when the clock strikes twelve. because i didn’t get to last year. because i’ll be fine if you don’t say it back. because i want to tell you i love you just because i can. because i dare. because you’re amazing. because i’ve said it now, two times. because three’s a charm so here’s one more. i love you.

so im halfway through drafting thank you messages to those who’ve gotten me through this year and i am realising how selfish i’ve been, wallowing in my own sadness most of the time, then running away to savour bits of ephemeral happiness by myself. i am ashamed to say that i haven’t exactly done anything for anyone this year.

i swear i’ll learn to be better in 2013. 

my fate of late

… i am pretty much dead. 

… but alive enough to rhyme, yes? of course. i hate it. 

did i say too much? or have i not said enough? could i have said more? or less? or should i have not spoken at all? 


spent the first few hours of 121212 with a special flame, went to bed in the wee hours of the morning happy, slept for 4 hours but woke up with a certain kind of merriment. i like how all this sound but i guess i just gotta think of the little things and keep looking forward. mmm. 


a is for alcohol

b is for bullshit

c is for cunt

d is for drugs

e is for enough

f is for fuck you

g is for go away

h is for hell 

i is for i

j is for joke

k is for karma

l is for 

fuck this shit im done

for the fourth

well, it passed. and for a while, it slipped my mind. i slipped my mind. my sickness slipped my mind. like always, i forget about it for a single moment. and i am happy. then it drops on my head again. 

i cannot think. i don’t know what i am typing. i’ve worked for 15 hours today, 13 hours standing. i am tired. nobody cares. nobody should. i don’t want anyone to care. if anyone cares i would feel inclined to return the care and before i know it, i would have grown way too detached. its just me i guess. fuck me. 

i’ve decided that all i want for christmas is to grow a penis. if i had a penis i’d be a fuckin straight douchebag AND a gay slut. fuck everyone.

things are going to get better, right? with time? its been a year… its been twenty-fucking-one years. something good is bound to happen soon right? fuck you.

extract, detach, disconnect

i think it is only best.

things to do in rainy weather